New Year’s Dresses!


The holidays are fast approaching! Let’s jump right in.


This One-Shoulder Peplum Dress is all about giving shape… and attitude. It cinches in at the waist with a leather belt and white peplum flares out at the hip. It will give you a more hourglass shape. The pencil skirt keeps it classic and chic for a New Year’s party.

Find similar dresses here. Just remember to cinch in at the waist and create curves. Don’t wear anything that just hangs there. That rule applies to every body type!


I love this Presidio Poise Dress for an hourglass. You have very defined curves so you can wear this dress without worrying about your breasts disappearing into your stomach. It’s a perfect cut with a flattering waist and cap sleeves. It would be easy to dress up for NYE with the right shoes. You could even replace the belt for a pop of shine or color.

View similar dresses here. Make sure there are no cuts across the hips or too high on the torso. You’ll turn your hourglass into a pear or a column.


A flared skirt or a line across the hips is completely necessary for a Column. This Jersey & Taffeta Dress will compliment your shape perfectly. All the attention is pulled straight down to the flared skirt with darling rosettes. It’s a fabulously effortless dress that you will look wonderful in!

For similar dresses go here. Make sure to keep the girls up where they belong. No draping. You want a defined waist and a wide skirt.


This stunning Mixed-Media Dress has all the right details to compliment your shape. The pretty neckline and shirred bust of this dress will do great things to separate your bust from your tummy. The black horizontal ruching across the stomach will minimize any bulge. The velvet scroll flocking on the flared skirt will really balance you out.

View similar dresses here. Remember to minimize the stomach by accentuating the bust/shoulders and hips/derriere.


The straight line of the skirt of this Beaded Sheath Dress minimizes the hips while the squared shoulders balance them out. There isn’t much else to say about this elegant dress.

View similar dresses here. Remember to pull the attention to your bust or your shoulders. If you’re going to wear a dress that cinches in, have it directly under the bust to minimize the hips. Stay away from flared skirts, unless it’s at the knee and you have a top that accentuates the bust or shoulders to balance out the flare.

I hope this makes New Year’s Dress shopping easier for you. I’ll be posting coats to match your dresses later in the week. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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