How To Wear A Tuxedo – Holiday Style – Apple Shape


I meant to post the Apple yesterday and the Column today. Yesterday, however, I was distracted by reformatting the website, in case you didn’t notice. I wanted to centralize all of my work in one place. The body image posts will remain here.

Okay, Apples!

I found the perfect structured outfit to go under a tuxedo style jacket.  The sleeveless dress with the shirttail hem skirt give great lines to an apple body. The vertical rhinestone pleated top brings attention to your bust while the cummerbund at the natural waist cuts across the stomach to break up any bulge. The solid color of the skirt also helps to camouflage tummy bulge.

When you pair this outfit with this adorable tux blazer, you get some va va voom at the shoulders. I would recommend leaving the blazer unbuttoned, because there is enough structure in the dress that you won’t need to button the jacket.

Let’s try it on, shall we?


What do you think?

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