How To Wear A Tuxedo – Holiday Style – Pear


Hey, Ladies! Are you ready to take a traditionally male holiday staple and glam it up… for you?

What I’m going to do this week is break this post down into one body type a day. Normally, I wouldn’t, but I’ve put more work than usual into this post.

Today, we’ll work with Pear Shaped Women. (If Pear isn’t your shape, keep checking back all week!)
Are you ready? Great!

I’m not a fan of leather, typically, but I love this leather lapel tuxedo jacket. I love the lines. I love the color. I especially love the shoulders. They are great for your shape. Normally, I would avoid a jacket that cuts across the hip on a pear shape, but there is an exception to every rule and this jacket is it.

This straight leather skirt, not only matches the lapel, but also makes the eye want to move up to the lapel. The cut of this skirt straightens the line of the hips giving the appearance of minimization.

It’s fun to add a pop of color to an outfit like this. Make sure it’s not too dark, though. If it’s too dark it will draw your eyes downward to the darker skirt. Make it a light pink, cream or even sky blue.

Shoes are up to you, ladies.

And for a view of what it will look like on you:

Do you see how it really does take you from a Pear to an Hourglass?

Speaking of Hourglass, we’ll be going over your Tuxedo style Holiday outfit tomorrow!


What do you think?

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