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I’ve got three really superb posts coming very soon.

The first will be “How To Wear A Tuxedo – Holiday Style”. There was a spread in the December issue of O Magazine that inspired this, but of course they had a skinny actress(Emmy Rossum). We’re going to outdo them and have styles for every woman!

The second is going to be a fun “New Year’s Eve Dress” article, because everyone wants to look shiny and stunning on New Year’s Eve… and you deserve to be able to. It’s not exactly a “how to” because we’re not doing the same style for everyone.

The third article is going to be a follow-up of the “New Year’s Eve Dress” by adding beautiful coats to your already stunning Dresses. You’ll be fully prepared! Shoes are up to you.

Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it! And if you have any special requests for these articles:

Thanks, Ladies. Don’t forget to thank your Veteran’s and have a great weekend!


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