How To Wear A Sweater Dress – Part 2


I know I already covered sweater dresses. I wanted to give you more options at different price ranges.


This is a darling Shelli Segal sweater dress from Saks Fifth Avenue that comes in at $195. It’s got beautiful ribbing and a wide boat neck. I love the almost kimono sleeves that are going to help balance out the width of your hips and bum. I love the belt that it already has on there, but don’t hesitate to switch it up. Try a black or red belt.

This is a lovely Jones Wear sweater dress for a pear shape. This dress has a cowl neck, short kimono sleeves and beautiful ribbing. What sets this dress apart is the detailing around the bust. The other dress is more classic, but this dress has more personality. No belt needed. You can get this at JCPenney for $66.99


I am in love with both of these dresses and kind of wishing that my proportions were opposite right now.

First we have this absolutely stunning Lilly Pullitzer sweater dress. The pink stripes really pull the attention down to the hem-line. The puff sleeves add some flare. The tie around the waist really pulls the entire look together. This is the perfect dress for a column shape. You can get this at Saks for $198.

This Calvin Klein dress brings the attention to the hips not with bold stripes, like the other dress, but with cute fringe. It’s got a wonderful neckline and sleek sleeves. The only thing is that I would add a belt to it, because we don’t want your waist to disappear. This dress is available at Macy’s for $99.


This adorable blue Josephine sweater dress is going to look great on your curves. I love the scoop-neck and the amazing color. It will be hard to not pull off this dress well. I’d love to see it with an extremely wide belt and some boots. Brown or black would look fabulous. If you want to turn it into a sailor dress you could add a white belt and red shoes, or vice versa. Get it at Bluefly for $152.99.

Both dresses have the same sleeve length, the same ribbing around the hems and the same shape. This one from Connected Apparel, however, is only $33.99 and it has an added cowl neck. Again, I’d add a wide belt for emphasizing the waist. They’re both great sweater dresses for bangles, too.


I love this Shelli Segal dress for an apple shape. I love the thick black waist and the pattern that draws attention to the bust and hips. The kimono sleeves add more width up top to distract you from a bigger belly. The black waistline not only minimizes the stomach it will separate your stomach from your bust. You can get this dress for $210.99 at Zappos.

This one I love just as much for an apple. The cowl neck draws attention up. The flared skirt pulls your shape out to give you more of an hourglass. The belt, the belt… the way it’s going to cinch in that waist line, it’s fabulous! And this belted sweater dress you can get, right now on sale, at JCPenney for only $27.99. I think that’s the best deal of the day.


How cute and flirty is this Ric Rac sweater dress? Very. The zig-zag lines add colorful definition to places that normally don’t have it. The sash belt is going to cinch in the waist and give you even more of an hourglass shape. They are actually sold out on the Saks website, but you can easily type “ric-rac sweater dress” into google search and find some on eBay for under $200.

This adorable, also patterned, Kensie dress is going to do the same for your shape… give you some. But, unlike the other dress, this won’t have to be layered as much. You could add a skinny black belt at the waist if you wanted, but the way this dress is cut, it’s not really necessary. This dress can be rung up for $98 at Dillard’s.

I hope this will help you stay warm out there!!!

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