I get a lot of flack for not posting about plus-size clothing and plus-size body types. I have two things to say about it.

1) Even if you are plus-size, you still fit into one of the main body types. Body types are about proportion. If your bust is larger than your waist and your hips, you are a Column Shape. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 38″, 28″, 32″ or if you’re a 54″, 38″, 44″. If you’re not proportionately bigger anywhere – say you’re a 42″, 38″, 42″ –  you are a boy shape. Etc. On the other hand, every woman is different. I can only give you key information for a body type in general. If you have a specific question, ask me. If you want a personalized consultation, you can book one. Other than that, I cannot personalize my posts – it would leave out too many people.

2) It is really hard to find flattering clothing for any body type when you’re looking. I must pour over 100’s of pieces of clothing every time I write a post. Plus-size or not, it is hard to find flattering clothing for every body type. But it is, admittedly, especially hard to find flattering clothing for plus-size women. This is precisely what prompted me to start a clothing line that flatters all body types. I don’t care if you’re 110 pounds or 320 pounds, clothes are supposed to make you look and feel good. My clothing line is for exactly that. The clothing line is going to be produced by hand – each piece. Then, if you want to order a specific piece it is customized to fit you perfectly, for your shape, for your size.

On a related note: I know my girls aren’t plus-size. The point isn’t the size, it’s to clearly demonstrate the different body types. They are a tool for me to show you how to wear clothing that flatters your body shape. And they are a tool for me to design clothes to flatter specific body types as well.

I am as frustrated as you are when it comes to the fashion industries lack of consumer consciousness. It makes me furious when I can’t find something that I know should be readily available. Sometimes, it’s especially infuriating when it’s not even for me.

So, this was a little more of a rant than I expected it to be, but I’m really passionate about flattering fits for all women.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I truly appreciate all the support that I have gotten since the beginning of this blog and for my kickstarter project. Of course, if this doesn’t pan out, I might skip over women altogether and start designing for drag queens. It’s something I’ve wanted to do anyway. 😉

EDIT: The kickstarter project was not successfully funded. There didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in high-end clothing for women of every body type. I will be passing on this for now. Don’t worry. I plan on coming back to it later. I’m putting all of my focus into a company that I’m trying to start…


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