Apple Shape


I have already written a post on Apple Shaped women “Apples In Winter”, but it was in response to a specific question about layering in winter. This post is going to be the main key points of dressing for an apple shape.

If you’re an Apple Shape than you are proportionally larger around your belly than you are around your bust and your hips. Roughly 14% of women are apples.

Basically, you want to avoid anything that draws unnecessary attention to your stomach. Easier said than done, I know. I’m here to help.

When dressing, your goal is to make your waist appear smaller and your bust and hips to appear larger, or at least more proportioned.

Any shirt that drapes like this is going to make your breasts look like they are part of your stomach.  Which, in turn, makes your stomach appear larger. It also tightens at the hip and that will add further emphasis on your tummy.

You want to look for shirts that provide a clear definition between your breasts and your stomach. Even better is a shirt that provides that separation and also brings attention up to the bust. This shirt is great. I only have one suggestion and that would be to raise the tie up to accentuate the smallest part of you, which is usually directly under the bust. However, you could actually keep the tie where it is to further camouflage your bulk.

i wish this came in my size!

So, the key point to buying shirts is: Emphasize the bust, de-emphasize the belly. And make sure to separate your bust from your stomach. A great way to transform a number of shirts is to add a belt or a sash around the smallest part of you, directly under the bust.

As for bottoms…

Wide leg trousers/jeans are best for your shape. As I’ve said before, skinny leg and straight leg pants can make you look like an ice cream cone. We don’t want that. Mid-rise is best. Not only can it add a bit of tummy control, but it also breaks up your torso and makes your stomach look smaller.

If you’re going with a skirt, go with a skirt that is straight down from your waist or a skirt that flares out.

Stay warm out there, Ladies!


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