I Found A Dress Today – Boy


Every body has natural curves no matter how straight you think you are. No one is literally straight down with no variation.

That means that vertical stripes are great for boy types, because the stick straight stripes emphasize whatever natural curve you might have. Also, the cut of this little romper is fabulous for a boy shape. You might be thinking that this isn’t going to go well in the chilly weather we’ve had lately. Well, it’s not summer here, but it is summer in Australia. However, I won’t leave you hanging out in your snuggies just because I posted for Australia’s summer and not ours…

This dress is great for winter. It has long sleeves and would be great with many different colors of legging and/or some great winter boots. It’s got a ruched front and a belted waist for adding shape. It also has a layered detail directly across the hips which will add some width there. I adore the 40’s style and the elbow length sleeves.

Try not to get too bogged down by the rain out there ladies!


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