How To Wear A Mini Dress (Halloween Edition)


It is Halloween, after all. You can basically build any costume around something as simple and cute as a mini dress. Need a last minute costume specific to your body type?

(The greatest thing is that there are so many mini dresses out there that you don’t have to buy the exact dress, just use the principles suggested. And you can use these tips with mini dresses on any normal day, too.)

Let’s get started before Halloween is over.

This very comfortable looking mini-dress is great for you hourglasses. It’s not too tight around the waist and not too loose anywhere else. It will give you great lines, hourglass.

For Halloween I’m thinking tall dusty brown boots and a torch if you want to be an angry villager on a witch hunt or go the opposite route and dress it up with shiny black booties, black leggings and a tall thin witch hat.

Boy shapes, find a tattered dress like this one, with a sweetheart neckline and flared hem, slap on some make-up and you could be a zombie or a mummy! Your hips will look curvy compared to the straight lines of the dress.

If you’re going for the zombie look, be sure to add some cuts and shadows to your face or upper body. If you’re going for a mummy get some tattered cuffs for your wrists and put some coffee stained muslin in your hair.

Pears, do you see how this dress adds a lot of volume to your torso and minimizes your hips? That’s exactly what you need! Find any flowing mini dress like this one that does the same thing and you’ll be set to go as a roman goddess.

Spray paint some leaves gold or silver and put them in your hair. Add some bangles to your wrists and slip on some metallic sandals or flip-flops and you’re good to go!

Column, you bandit! You must have pulled off one daring stunt to get you put in the slammer. Those stripes just give you away. Know what else those stripes do? They widen the look of your hips. The solid black on top minimizes your bust. This dress will even out your normally top-heavy proportions.

Find a pair of dollar store handcuffs as well as some white or black gloves and your costume is complete!

Peace to you, Apples! Peace, love, and all of that psychedelic hippy stuff. I love the shape of this dress, not only because it reminds me of the late 60’s, but also because it’s going to be flattering for your shape. It’s got the wide band under the bust emphasizing your smallest part. The flared shoulders bring attention up to the bust and make the belly small in comparison.

Wear it with some jeggings(this is the only time you will ever see me promoting those things), a brown headband and some big sunglasses.

Thanks for stopping by on a holiday. Now go have some fun!


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