How To Wear Lingerie


We’re gonna spice it up this week as the temperatures rise back into the 70’s. I’m going to do some high-end and not so high-end for each body type. The prices will vary so you have options.

Okay, Columns, you want anything that is going to make your hips look wider to even out your bust/shoulders. This Mariana Waspie by Agent Provocateur is going to put some attention on the hips. Wear it with some sexy undies that have a parallel line to the waspie. (They have matching panties, but you don’t have to buy theirs.) If you want even less attention on your bust you can wear a plain black bra.

Of course, if you don’t have $290 to spend on something that just goes around your waist I understand.

So, I’ll give you this little romper. $48 for the entire, no extras needed, piece. This is a polka dot satin romper by Victoria’s Secret. It’s not too expensive. It’s comfortably sexy. It’s fun and playful. And the ruffles add just a little bit of oomph to your hips, which is exactly what you need.

Apples, we want to emphasize your best assets and camouflage the tummy. This Smoking Babydoll from La Perla will definitely do the trick! The brighter satin around the bust and around the hem are going to bring attention away from the stomach. The solid color of the silk over the tummy helps a lot as well. This is an absolutely beautiful piece that you’ll have no problem feeling sexy in.

$394 might not leave your bank account feeling so sexy. If that’s the case, try this Chiffon Babydoll from Betsey Johnson for only $69. It has the same lines. It has lace bringing attention to your bust and ruffles bringing attention to your hips. It even has a great pattern to camouflage your tummy. And it’s a quarter of the price of the other.

Boy Shaped Ladies, I’ve got something with perfect lines for you! It’s a Lorna Basque from Agent Provocateur. The seams on this beautiful piece are in an hourglass shape which will add the illusion of curves. The tulip skirt adds some curves on the hips as well. Yes, it’s $490, but well worth it if you have it.

If you don’t have it, $65 might sound a little better to you. The lines on this Lace Chemise by Natori also add curves for a much more manageable price. The V neckline gives the illusion of wider hips. The wide-set straps can make your bust appear larger. And because the skirt of the chemise flows out it’s going to cling to the largest part of your rear to accentuate any shape your booty has.

Pears, the lace detail on this babydoll from La Perla brings all the attention up to your bust. The black color and straight line of the babydoll de-emphasizes your hips. This is the perfect babydoll for you, Pears.

However, $303 might not sound perfect.  I bet $84 sounds a lot better. And this lace chemise from Hanky Panky pulls the same tricks as the other. It’s emphasizes your bust with a beautiful white lace insert. I love the lines of it.

Hourglass Girls, I think this Chiffon Teddy is right up your alley. Wear it loose if you don’t want as much emphasis on your waist. I found it on Bella Bella Boutique – a high-end lingerie store. It rings up at $320.

While we’re reigning in your curves, let’s reign in the price.

I found a very sexy slip from VS that’s only $42. It’s not going to hide your curves. It’s also not going to accentuate them, because it’s not too tight in any area. It will hang on your curves without hugging them.

I hope that I can bring you all a little closer to raising your own temperatures this week.

Side note: I found a plus size lingerie store in Murfreesboro called Nighty Nites. If you are plus-sized and you have a recommendation or notes on quality, let us know in the comments!

Agent Provocateur and La Perla come highly recommended from a few different women that I know. I have personal experience with VS, Natori, Betsey Johnson, and Hanky Panky. However, I just found Bella Bella Boutique today. I can’t personally say good or bad things.


What do you think?

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