Apples In Winter


Apple Shaped ladies, this one is for you!

(One very important thing that I have to mention,again, beforehand: Make sure you’re wearing the right bra size!!! If you’re girls aren’t up where they are supposed to be they can make your belly look bigger than it actually is. Proper bra size can change your entire body shape if you’re not in the right size now.)

Button up shirts are great for structure, and you need structure to give you the shape you want. If you wear button up shirts look specifically for shirts that are cut for the female form. You’ll know they have the right cut if you lie them flat and they have an hourglass shape or if the darts are in an hourglass shape. I would go with a solid color. You can also find some button up shirts with darts set for accentuating your bust, but you have to make sure that it does hit directly under the bust. I think it’s cute to tie a ribbon around the line under the bust to draw more attention away from the belly. Avoid shirts that are cut above the bust like this one, because it actually makes your breasts disappear into your belly.

Now, for sweaters… If you have the right button-up, you can layer a long sweater over the button up. Stick with a fine knit – nothing bulky like a cable knit. I would recommend layering sweaters instead of boxy sweaters that aren’t meant to be layered. Just throw a white t-shirt under any of these sweaters and you’re good to go.

Personally, I love holiday sweaters. If you find one with the right pattern, it can really emphasize the bust. The key to a good sweater for an apple shape is: emphasize the bust, de-emphasize the belly.

If you’re going to wear something with different colors or something that is multi-tonal make sure that the lighter colors are over your bust and the darker colors are over your belly. I saw a long sleeve shirt that was all maroon, except for the breast piece that was covered in off-white faux fur. It was adorable and it gave exactly the right look. It was by a company called M2M, but the one site that I saw it on only had one. It looked like this:

 As for pants, it really depends on the rest of your shape. I can’t assume one way or the other. Straight leg pants tend to draw attention to your belly, giving you a “lollipop” or “ice cream cone” look. At the very smallest, go with boot-cut pants. However, if you can find wide leg jeans or trousers, which is admittedly hard these days, wear them.

If you want to wear skirts, make sure that they are straight down or flared out at the bottom.

Thanks for asking a great question, Kat! I hope this helps.


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