I’ve been a little busy lately. I’ve postponed articles to the very last minute. I have to really concentrate to focus 100% on my articles.

I’ve told you my main passion is clothing design. My second passion is making other women feel good about themselves. I’ve told you that I’m designing a clothing line for real women. I thought that I’d give you a little more than that.

These are my girls:

You’ve seen two of them in my Body Type articles Pear Shape and Boy Shape. Left to Right: Ashley Adams is my Boy Shape, Regina Roberts is my Apple Shape, Sally Sawyer is my Column Shape, and Judy Jones is my Pear Shape. (I also have an Hourglass Lady named Nancy Nutt. You can find her on AYHdesign on facebook.)

These girls are the templates that I use when I design clothes for certain body types. I lay a piece of paper over one of the girls and sketch up something to both conceal and flatter. I try not to go inside the lines – that would be cheating.

Here is an example:

For this particular line of clothing, I have taken four basic concepts of a dress or piece of clothing and formatted each of them to every body type. The sailor dress(shown) for Regina(apple shape) is not the same as the sailor shirt and sailor skirt design that I have made for Judy(pear shape), but the fabric and materials are all the same. For this particular design, it’s the blue stripes below.

Today I plan on finishing the four basic concepts on Sally(column) and Nancy(hourglass). Tomorrow, each lady is going to get an additional design exclusively for that body type, but it will still fit into the general look of the summer line.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to on the days that my articles are posted a little late or, regrettably, not at all.


3 thoughts on “Preoccupied

  1. Kat

    I am a local of the ‘Boro and I must say that your ideas seem wonderful. I was told to come to this website by a friend of mine after she was refered here. I do have one question or a suggestion really. I am an Apple shape by what your side bar says and with this cold approaching it is hard to feel good about my body when I am wearing layers of clothing. Do you have any pointers on how to stay warm and be hot at the same time?

    • Great question. Thanks so much for reading. I would say to stick with smooth knits if you’re going to wear sweaters. Make sure to emphasize the smallest part of your waist, which is normally directly under the breast for apple shapes, as often as you can. Structured button up shirts are great, especially if they are cut well. Let me look around for some reference points and I’ll write up a post either this evening or early tomorrow just for Apples in winter.

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