I Found A Dress Today – Column


I spent half the morning thinking, “These aren’t quite good enough” while staring at the designs I did yesterday. I spent the next half of the morning and most of the afternoon designing new pieces to replace the ones I threw out. Just because it’s easier to design clothes for hangers, designing for real women definitely can – and should – be done. This is why your “I Found A Dress” article is being written at 10:36 pm as opposed to 10:36 am.

I love polka dots. I especially love bright polka dots on rainy dreary days. We just had a long one of those, didn’t we ladies? So, let’s slip on these pink polka dots and imagine we’re sitting pretty at a cafe having tea with our girlfriends.

Polka dots – and many other patterns – are great for camouflaging bulkiness and distracting from bulges. The pleated skirt on this dress will balance out any extra you might have up top. And you can always slip on a white cardigan if you think the neckline is too low.

I hope this helps brighten up your day…ahem… night.


What do you think?

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