Boy Shape


I should have done boy shape first, because you ladies make up over 40% of the female population of the US.

Boy shapes are generally pretty straight. There isn’t more than a six inch difference between the bust and the waist or the waist and the hip measurements.

I really like to dress boy shapes. I’m a pear now, but I spent 17 awkward years as a boy shape not knowing how to dress. Now that I know how to dress a boy shape I like to help ease the awkwardness.

A great way to play up a boy shape is to play around with stripes and ruffles. Like this f21 dress. Not many shapes could pull off something like this without drawing attention to the wrong places. But it really depends on your own personal style. Don’t forget that you boy shapes have the ability to create whatever shape you want!

I love the shape of a Roman stola for your body type – very drape-y with gathers created by belts under the bust. How fun is that? Add a pattern for a modern twist. I love this floral that I just drew up.

My favorite thing about a boy shape, that I really didn’t appreciate when I had it, is that you can really experiment with shapes and cuts.

Have fun with your body, Ladies! And that goes for all of you – not just the boy shapes.


What do you think?

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