Off Day



I didn’t get up late. I didn’t even get started late. For some reason, though, everything went wrong this morning. I got my daughter to school a half an hour late. I was going to have breakfast when I got home, but realized the kids got the last of the milk.

I left the house in a tank top, ripped jeans – covered in paint, and a hoodie. I don’t even like hoodies. They are great from a practicality stand point, but they are not figure flattering. I am having an off day.

I’ve wanted to write an article about jeans for the longest time. However, I own two pairs of jeans: the ones I’m wearing today with a tear in the crotch and oil paint on the legs, and a pair of AE jeans that don’t actually flatter my pear shape AT ALL. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and tell you what types of jeans you should be wearing when those are the jeans that I own. However, when I do find some jeans – and I’m planning on looking this weekend – there will be a denim post later this fall. Probably the end of November.

The point is that everyone is allowed off days. You try, but sometimes you just can’t muster up the courage to put on a skirt when all you want to do is slip into an old, ragged, yet extremely comfortable pair of jeans. One accessory that will help pull off any outfit: confidence.


Liz Kelly Zook

PS. Don’t forget about my body type poll(it’s anonymous) here! Also, I wouldn’t mind a few suggestions for Monday’s “How To Wear” post. If you need examples look here. (Comment on any post to get your ideas to me!)


One thought on “Off Day

  1. Lillie

    I was wondering why there were no photos of you and your style.
    Maybe you should not have done that. I was expecting someone bold and put together; accessorized. Not mousy.
    Even having an ‘off day’ your hair would be a no-no. It’s like the color of piss, with really dark roots.
    Then there is the 2 pairs of jeans! You want to help dress people for their body type and you cant find jeans for yours; a very popular body type. If you cannot afford to dress yourself, no one wants you dressing them. No way in hell are you a ‘pear’. Your body is pretty straight, closer to a boy. Nothing is 36 on you. Paris Hilton can look like a pear shape when she stands with her stomach puffed and but sticking out, anyone can do that. You did that. You have an emaciated boy shape; your skin tone hints to improper nutrition, your facial structure is gaunt and your glasses are wrong for your shape. Body and face.
    The hoodie is too small; your arms are stiff, you cant tell you didnt stretch them to the limit or viola`, stomach exposed.
    I am not seeing any interaction on here, or details about body consultations you have had which seems to back up that I am not the only one thinking along this line.
    Last, why in the world can you not get pictures posted of well-dressed girls?? Are you too shy? Too insecure? Out of your league, to dress the way you do, so cheap looking, with the hair skills of a middle schooler ?? I am sure you could not get the gall to approach a smashing lady and tell her that you are a designer or body consultant and not get the brush off.

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