I Found A Dress Today – Pear Shape


I’m going to go high fashion with this post. Mainly because I’ve been distracted with studies about current fashion manufacturers using sizing systems dated back to the 1960’s. Partly because Mui Mui’s Spring 2012 collection is an array of mixed textures and patterns that has me, quite frankly, drooling. (See it here.) But we’re going to go with something from their e-store for Autumn.

I love this color for Autumn!

This shirt, coming straight down from the shoulders to below the hips is actually going to give you a boy shape. However, I would cinch it in with a skinny black belt. (Or… yellow!) Because the shoulders of the shirt are wider and the sleeves kind of fall outward, it completely balances out wider hips. (Be warned: it is silk. Be careful with it.)

Remember it’s the idea of the shirt and not the actual shirt. (The MuiMui shirt is here.) I’m sure you can find a shirt like this that is less on the expensive side.

I hope you can find a way to enjoy this rainy day and thanks for reading!


What do you think?

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