How To Wear A Mini-Skirt


EDIT: I have a more recent and better illustrated article on mini skirts here. It has more detailed information and sets from polyvore with more complete looks.

What a fun way to start the week! I’ve been looking forward to this post about mini-skirts since last Monday.

I am aware of the stigma that mini-skirts are slutty. I disagree. It really depends on how you wear them. That is what we’re going to talk about today.

We’ll start with pear shape. This Buffalo Jeans skirt
has beautiful lace detail. Because it is black you can wear it with a brighter/lighter top so that all the attention is going to be pulled upward – away from the hips.

If you’re worried about the stigma try it with something sweet like cream ballet flats and this t-shirt from Generation Love. I would try to keep the bottom of the shirt from falling on the hips by maybe pulling it up and tucking it in or tying it in the back. Another great match to soften up this skirt would be an adorable tweed jacket like this one.

I love this adorable tiered skirt from Forever21. It’s great to balance out a column shape. It doesn’t need much.

It’s such a sweet skirt, I’d love to see it with something edgy – a black denim jacket perhaps. I think a great addition would be black booties, just for fun.

Apple shaped women can wear mini-skirts. Honestly. It might just be harder for you to find one. It can be done. Look for something that has a structured waist and a flare in the skirt. You’d need a stiff fabric(tweed, denim, etc.) that would hold the shape.

This is my own design for an apple shape body type, but I don’t mind sharing, because it gives you a really good idea of what to look for. This skirt has open darts that give it some poof away from the tummy.

This is the prettiest skirt that I have seen thus far for a boy shape. You wouldn’t need much with it. I’m thinking a grey scoop neck(or cowl neck) camisole and a very long necklace with black flats or heels. You should go with any mini skirt that has lace or extra layers. A cute cargo skirt with pockets on the side would add some shape. A bubble skirt would also give the desired effect.

It’s harder on hourglass shaped women to keep from looking like their up to no good in a mini skirt. To prevent this, you want to keep everything else on top covered. I think it’s classic and beautiful to pair a shorter skirt with longer sleeves. Pair this skirt with a long sleeve t-shirt to keep it simple and fun. You could also do a button up blouse with a rounded collar to dress it up.

I hope this was helpful for you. I do love seeing mini-skirts in the fall. It’s fun to sneak them in when no one expects them. If you’re worried about getting cold, wear tights or leggings under them. Brown tights with black – or even red – Oxford booties would look excellent with a few of these skirts. Have fun with them.

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