I Disagree and I’ll Tell You Why


Normally, I don’t watch television in the morning. Today, though, I passed over Better TV. Co-host Audra Lowe was discussing fall coats with Tai Beauchamp, national correspondent for InStyle Magazine. She showed six coats of various styles and cuts. (Catch the video here.)

The second coat, the collarless coat, just doesn’t sit right with me. Tai says, of this exact coat, “the reason why we love this is because it is forgiving and it’s flowing. So it works for all body types.” To me “forgiving and flowing” means “shapeless”. And this particular coat is just that, especially when worn open.

All of the other coats were great and would fit on a majority of body types perfectly. I would just hate to see women with apple or boy shapes buying this coat. It’s not going to be flattering. It is an adorable coat, but it’s better fitted for a column shape or an hourglass shape. It would even do well on a pear shape if you had a wonderful scarf up top to balance out the A-line of the skirt of the coat. (Buy the coat here.)

Be sure to watch the entire video for some perfectly lovely coats for the cooler weather. Don’t you just love the way that Audra and Tai are dressed? Beautiful.

Tell me what you think.


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