Two Things for Today


Neither of the things are related, but both fabulous!

First thing, my friend Kai Lynn deals in vintage clothing on Etsy. Her shop is Sui Generis. I didn’t start out this post to promote her, though – it’s about the dress! I found a dress in her shop that I fell in love with.

I like it for a boy shape or a pear shape best. However, if you are a very confident apple – if the waist falls exactly at the right place and you find the perfect belt – I think you could pull it off. Anyway, I wanted to share its adorability(new word).

The second thing is that I found a blog about a girl who has a great sense of style that is all her own. She’s a 22-year-old student in Vancouver and I love her blog Style Is Style.

She is confident and fun. Her instincts with clothes are dead on.

When I find things I love, I love to share them with other people who might be as appreciative to find them as I am.

Have a great weekend ladies!


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