I Found A Dress Today – Column


I’ll be posting a lot of these. So often I find a dress – or an outfit – and think to myself, “Oh! This would be great for a [shape] body type!” There will be a post like this at least once a week. I’ll try to vary the body types evenly. 

I found this lovely little dress on modcloth today. This dress is perfect for a Column Body Type(bigger on top). The flat color with no embellishments on top doesn’t let attention rest on your girls. The tie around the waist brings in your waist and focuses attention there. Not only does it nab attention for the waist, it shares the love by bringing attention down further to the beautiful floral – almost patchwork – on the bottom. The skirt is an A-line shape which adds a triangle to the bottom of the upside-down triangle(the opposite of what we talked about in the Pear Shape post).

If it were me, I would add little red shoes or something to bring a pop of color.



What do you think?

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