How To Wear A T-shirt


Fitted t-shirts are an essential to any wardrobe. They are versatile and flattering with many different types of clothing.

Baggy tees, however, should never be bought unless your only intention is to sleep in them.

If you have a Column Body Shape (bigger on top) baggy t-shirts can make you look like you have a little – or a lot – extra in the middle. You should be emphasizing that your waist is smaller in comparison. You should be balancing out the top with the bottom. Baggy tees are no help to Column Shapes.

If you want to wear a t-shirt, Column Shaped Ladies, it should be form-fitting and tucked in to the waist of a flared skirt. I’m thinking a tan, crew neck tee with a little skirt like the one shown.

This would definitely balance things out. And if you want to do something absolutely fun with it, add some cute Oxford shoes like these!

Pear Shaped Ladies(bigger on the bottom), cannot wear baggy shirts. Where do baggy shirts hang on pear shaped women? THE HIPS. Baggy t-shirts give you a square shape on top of the upside down triangle that is your hips. This will make your chest look flatter, your tummy look like it might have a bump and your hips look even wider.

Gap Wide Leg trousers

If you’re pear shaped and you like comfy tees (and who doesn’t, right?) wear  a tee with a bit of embellishment on the neckline or close to the shoulders to bring more attention up to your top half. You could also do an off the shoulder tee. Wear some darker denim, wide leg, high-rise trousers to even out the hips. And please, please, please tuck in your t-shirt. Try a red tee to bring even more attention up top.

Okay, Apple Shaped Women(bigger in the middle). You definitely focus on all the wrong parts with a baggy tee. They tend to tighten up on the stomach emphasizing your biggest area. we don’t want to emphasize your biggest area, though. We want to emphasize the smallest!

So, here is what you do: Find a tee that hangs off the shoulder, has a cowl neck, or has embellishments around the neckline. Then, find a bottom with a high waist that flares out from the waist. For apple shaped women, I love these Diane von Furstenberg wide leg pants. They have a great structure and they don’t let attention focus on a belly. These pants would push the attention up if you had a great embellished neckline, a cowl neck, or an off the should tee.

The reason baggy tees don’t fit well on a Boy Shape Lass(no shape) is that it brings the attention nowhere. You don’t have much of a shape and you’re not going to get one wearing a baggy tee.

I recommend a colorful tee with a low neckline. If that’s something you’re not comfortable with you can layer a lace camisole under it. Pair it with some skinny leg jeans and relish in the fact that you are the only body type that can pull them off well! If you wear a low-neck tee with cap sleeves that gives some shape to your upper body. You can pair that with a slightly flared skirt(like this one here) to give some shape to the rest of you.

My biggest problem with baggy tees on Hourglass Shaped Ladies(bigger top and bottom, small waist) is that it can give you the same fake tummy bulge that it would give the Column Shaped Ladies.

You can wear a slightly looser tee without compromising your small middle. Just be sure to tuck it into whatever else you are wearing or wear a belt over it. I’ve always like the look of a scarf wrapped around your waist. Or, I love a floral skirt with a t-shirt on a curvy girl. Especially a skirt that doesn’t flare. It won’t add to the curves and make you look vamp-ish, but it doesn’t detract from the curves either. I found this one on Etsy.


What do you think?

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