Key Note For Bra Fitting


Here are some key notes when trying on bras:

1. The band should be level all the way around. If it rises up in the back, take an inch or two off your band size or make your cup size bigger.

2. Only 10% of the support from your bra is from the straps alone. Your bra should hold up your girls whether or not your straps are on! Make sure you can fit two fingers comfortably under the straps. Otherwise, they are too tight.

3. There should be no bulge. If there is, go up a band size or get a bra with a wider band.

4. The center of the front of your bra(it’s located between the cups) should always be pressed up against your breast bone. Although, some wireless bras aren’t made that way. If you the center piece is not pressing your breast bone adjust the girls. If it still isn’t where it should be, your cup size is too small.

5. You might have to try on a few different bras to get the exact right fit. Don’t get frustrated. You’ll feel better when you get it right.

6. Never hesitate to ask someone working in a lingerie department(usually referred to as a Bra Fit Specialist) in a local department store – Macy’sNordstrom’sDillard’s – to check your bra fit or to measure you. I emphasize the nicer department stores, because these women train for months and go to classes.

Side notes:

A. After putting on your bra, reach in and pull up your breasts to make sure that they are completely in the cups.

B. Your weight is going to fluctuate as you age. Make sure to get measured again every 6 months or so.


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