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This blog is for women that want to dress for their body types. If you’re not one of those women, that’s cool, sometimes I’m not either, but that’s what most of these posts are about. So, if you’re looking for anything else, you’re going to be extremely disappointed.

If you already know what your body type is… great! All body types have their own pages and they are listed in the menu to the left. On those pages you will find all of the information you need to put together a wardrobe fit just for that body type. 

Free Dressing For Your Body Type eBooks Available now for each body type. They are free. Seriously, no charge, no spam, no cost to you. If you’ve read the About page, you’ll know why.
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All the ladies

If you don’t know what your body type is and you want to, or if you just want to see what my description of each body type is, check out Know Your Body Type!

There are also TONS of posts for specific occasions.
I tried to list them all. If I missed one, I’m sorry.
Prom and Wedding are listed on the individual body type pages.

Leather and Lace

How to Be a Rockstar!

A Walk On the Wild Side

How To Give Everyone You Know A Toothache

Valentine Fever

Prim and Proper

A Picnic and  Barbecue

How To Host A Talk Show

Summer Looks for Less

Mix and Match Easy Summer Looks

How To Dress for Bonnaroo

Look Like the Fourth of July

Sneak Away Vacay

Kate Moss Looks for Your Body Type

40’s Femme Fatale

90’s Summer Concert

Movie Looks:

Tank Girl

Some Like It Hot


The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Little Mermaid

French Kiss